[updated 22 Mar 2017]

Mir tin! Hello! Welcome to the Thosk Language site.

Thosk is a conlang (constructed language) created by Dean Easton and regularly derived from Proto-Indo-European, the well-attested and reconstructed “grandmother tongue” of roughly half our planet.

That means Thosk is a cousin of English and many other languages, and that means Thosk shares many of the same ancient word roots, so a portion of its vocabulary bears a “family resemblance” to English. Consider the following Thosk examples:

ber: carry, bear
brad: brother
en: one
et: eat
menod: month, moon
ne: no, not
ruder: red
suzer: sister
thir: three
thu: you (thou)
to: two
uten: water

The Thosk resources here are under development. I invite you to explore, learn, comment and contribute to Thosk.

2017 marks the 25th year of Thosk — I drafted its first outlines on a Mac SE30 in the spring of 1992, on vacation in the U.S., between jobs in Japan teaching English.

Working on a conlang yourself and want input? Contact me — we can commit to learning each other’s languages and help them grow.

Want to learn more about conlanging in general? There are now many online and print resources available for both the beginning and experienced conlanger. Check out the links to the right — they’ll get you launched. Message me — I’m also happy to talk conlanging with you.